Engineering Surveys

❶ Setting out of buildings in a new construction sites.

❷ Road and bridge surveys.

❸ Sewer & drainage surveys.

❹ Water supply and sanitation surveys.

❺ Dam construction surveys etc.

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Topographic Surveys

❶ Measure the size, shape and terrain of a parcel of land.

❷ Measure surface elevations of a parcel of land.

❸ Locate the existing spatial features like roads, fences, trees, buildings & services lines such as power, fibre optic, sewers & water lines.

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Cadastral Surveys

❶ Extension of leases, Change of User.

❷ Land subdivisions, Amalgamation or Combinations.

❸ Registration for titles, leases, easements etc.

❹ Re-establishment of missing beacons.

❺ Boundary conflict resolutions etc.

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Mapping & Training

❶ Geocoding.

❷ Utilities Mapping and Monitoring.

❸ GIS software toolboxes.

❹ Spatial Database Systems & Data Analytics etc.

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