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Openmaps specializes in Surveying, Mapping, Data Analysis and Consulting. In everything we do, we believe in providing location data that inspires confidence in positioning

We have qualified and experienced team of surveyors who are proficient in up to date surveying technology, and are able to provide our clients with accurate location data

Core Values

Client commitment: We build relationships with our clients

Team work: A team ensures we achieve long term goals

Continuous learning: We learn to inherit the future


Topographic Surveys

Openmaps Surveyors use the best equipment to produce data and drawings that accurately represent details of both natural and built environments. We provide topographic surveys for planning and design for Architectural and Engineering purpose

Measure surface elevations of a parcel to generate contour lines that shows the levels across a site

Measure the size, shape and terrain of a parcel of land

Locate the existing features like roads, fences, trees, buildings & services lines such as power, fibre optic, sewers & water lines

Setting Out

Openmaps are consulted by contractors or developers to mark out buildings, structures and services based on architectural and engineering drawings.

Setting out of buildings in a new construction sites

Road and bridge surveys

Sewer & drainage networks

Water supply and sanitation surveys

Dam construction surveys etc

Property Surveys & Mapping

At Openmaps, we pride ourselves on our ability to consult with our clients to understand requirements to ensure accurate information. Property surveys are as follows:

Extension of leases

Locating/mapping property

Boundary re-establishment or Area determination

Property subdivision/amalgamation

Land registration and Sectional surveys

Openmaps converts our client's data into telling stories that help business to make insightful decisions. We use spatial analytics - the science of where, to bring to clients the visibility and understanding of WHY

Data Collection, extraction, exploration & processing

Data Analytics, Visualization, Modelling, and developing Business Insights

Using Laser & Lidar scanning. We, Openmaps are able to produce 3D digital models of various objects from 3D digital images for updation of structure designs or masterplan

Models; 3D models of existing buildings which allow architects to place their new design into the existing setting.

As-builts; 3D as built scans of buildings or engineering structures. These scans are used to ensure all aspects of the build are in the correct position.

At Openmaps, we employ drones for fast and reliable products for inaccessible or large areas

Topographic Surveying; for construction, quarrying & mining, civil engineering, landfill and environmental protection projects

Site monitoring and inspection; for volumetric topographic surveys, stockpile and spoil heap calculations, earthworks material excavation calculations, landfill, quarrying and mining void calculations

Mapping; for site infrastructure and facilities management, highways mapping for construction and managements

Client Reviews

We are gritty about what we do

Setting Out & Topographic Surveys

“Openmaps' topographic products are neat, easy to interpret, and accurate representations of the ground. For topographic surveys, give them a Call”

Anthony Kungu

Director, Platinum Close

Property Mapping

“Openmaps located the beacons spot on. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Charles Peter

CEO, Rubyland Limited

Surveying & Mapping

“In all matters land, i would not hesitate to refer Joshua for his wealth of knowledge in this area and professionalism”

Wanjiru Kebathi

Business Development Manager, SK Archplans

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